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"Every Time I Diet I Gain 5 Pounds:

Step Into Your True Self and Shed Your Baggage"



Galina Knopman, PCC

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Galina is the founder of Best of Life providing Success Coaching to individuals and Success Workshops to groups and teams. Galina developed and applies the Visualize Personal Success™ (VPS) model to her Success Coaching clients and in life changing workshops.  “Seeing my clients grow and change and live their life’s goals and dreams is an incredible feeling.” 

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The VPS model is at the heart of the workbook. Clients share how this book has changed their thinking, created greater self-awareness, and inspired and help them to change their life. This book allows anyone the ability to choose a different path in life by opening yourself up to the 'inside person', your heart and soul - the one who is constantly encouraging you to grow and step away from fear - you can focus on what you want for yourself and live your Best of Life.

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Galina in an International Coach Federation (ICF) PCC level accredited Coach. She has an Executive Masters in Applied Neuroscience, is a professional photographer and is the president and founder of Comskil, a global executive and leadership coaching company. Galina has received many commendations and awards from clients, has been an honorary guest speaker, panel member, and voted a top 10 speaker at conferences and speaking venues.

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Every Time I Diet I Gain 5 Pounds." and begin the journey of self discovery.


The book is rich with self-assessments for you to use and learn to gain insights into yourself and your own personal story.  

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Praise For The Book

"Are you ready to completely change the way you think about dieting?  Are you ready for a fresh approach that will also have positive ripples in the rest of your life?  Then read this book!  Galina Knopman’s Every Time I Diet, I Gain Five Pounds introduces her easy-to-understand VPS method (Visualize Personal Success) and complements it with stories of people who have successfully followed it to achieve the lives they always dreamed.  An added bonus is the series of short explanations of how the brain works to support or sabotage our goals.  Written in a highly personal and humorous style, Every Time I Diet provides positive and compassionate guidance on changing your story about dieting and moving into your version of personal success."

~ Teresa Wedding Kloster, Author, 

Anytime Coaching:

Unleashing Employee Performance

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