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Success Coaching


Best of Life coaches use the Visualize Personal Success™ (VPS) model to transform your life and achieve your personal goals. We collaborate with you to define your life goals, understand who you are today and improve and change your future to achieve your personal life destiny.  



Individual Coaching

One-on-one sessions. Pay as you go. Not sure? Connect with us to schedule a FREE 30 minute session.

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Toes in the Water

Get your feet wet with our Toes in the Water Success Coaching starter pack. Pay up front for a sweet discount. Fifteen sessions for the cost of Thirteen and a half.


Deep Dive

This is for those of you who are serious and committed to achieving and living your Best of Life. Pay ahead for 24 sessions for the cost of 23.

(301) 896-0698

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Meet the Coach

Galina Knopman, PCC is an executive, leadership, and life coach, organizational development consultant, and process consultant who provides leadership development services to individuals, corporations, the federal government, and private organizations.  She has her Executive Masters in Applied Neuroscience.   Galina received her Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and received her credentials from Georgetown University. 


Galina developed the VPS model and has successfully used it with her clients since 1996. She helps individuals fulfill their potential through a better understanding of how the human brain and mind function at individual, team and systemic levels.  Galina is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute, and a member of the Montgomery County Business Coaches Roundtable.

Praise for Coaching



"By taking the time to reflect and be kind to myself.... Allowed the flood gates of possibilities to flourish.   I am so grateful that this book [Every Time I Diet I Gain 5 Pounds] and coaching experience came into my life.  I once read that it is all about timing and this is my time to grow and shine! Thank you Galina!"   


~ Monica 

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