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Organic Essential Oils

Best of Life started in 1996 when I started Life Coaching to help others manage their life and dreams and not let life manage them. My dream began with wanting to help teenage girls and young women who needed a support system know that we are there for them and they are not alone.


Over time, I used Organic Essential Oils to help me focus when I went back to post grad school for Neuroscience. I used the oils to help me reduce “drama” at family gatherings and to use after daily swimming. In addition, I made some for my husband for his long commute to work (‘Commute Be Gone’) and for my friend who had undergone surgery and wanted to heal the scar (‘Scar Remover’). My friends asked for more oils and much to my surprise my husband used his in the car and still does!


Our staff of certified life coaches has grown. We now specialize in life transformation. A few of our coaches specialize in coaching those who have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases, as well as coaching their families.


Best of Life uses only 100% natural and mostly Organic Essential Oils for aromatherapy.  We do not use synthetic oils, which can create allergic reactions.  Our Essential Oil blends are created for restorative, motivational, and inspirational purposes. Most are not intended as a perfume, but do indeed diffuse with a wonderful scent.

We capture the aromatherapy purpose of each blend in the title.  For instance, ‘Sweet Dreams’ is intended to aid in a deep, restful sleep.  It can be purchased with carrier oil for nighttime massage and without carrier oil for use with a diffuser.

Each Best of Life blend can be made with a "carrier oil" or  without.  Concentrated blends of essential oils are to be used with a diffuser to create the mood you desire and to make your room smell nice. Concentrated blends for diffusers do not use carrier oils. Carrier oils are used as a base for applying and massaging into your skin.  We use carrier oils that do not leave a film, but are easily absorbed and that have healing and therapeutic properties.  Carrier oils have a very mild scent that resonates with the oils we blend to enhance their therapeutic effect both via scent and through the essential oils natural healing chemical properties.  Some of our carrier oils are: sweet almond, apricot kernal, grape seed, jojoba, and hempseed.  Blends with carrier oils are less expensive for a larger quantity.


As you are gaining tranquility with our essential oils, let us help you work through any issues and stressors in your life.


Thank you for your interest in Best of Life.  Buy from our list of essential oils below!

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