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"Everytime I Diet, I Gain Five Pounds:

Step Into Your True Self and Shed the Baggage"

by Galina Knopman, ACC


[Galina's bio from inside of the book along with the book cover.]


This book allows anyone the ability to choose a different path in life by listening to their inner self talk.  By opening yourself up to the 'inside person' - the one who is constantly encouraging you to grow and step away from fear - you can focus on what you want for yourself out of life.  


Through this process you honor yourself, both mind and body, to lovingly feel no guilt or shame about who you are destined to be.  Many times we all get 'stuck' in the rut of life and loose the dreams and aspirations of what joy life can bring.  One may often ask themselves the questions of "What brings me joy?", "What is my life's purpose?" or "How do I find true happiness?"


At Best of Life, we give you permission to focus on your inner self.  Join us on this journey of true self discovery.


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