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You’ve worked hard, but still not where you want to be?

 Try Success Coaching to get the BEST OF LIFE!


Learn from WORLD CLASS LIFE CHANGING coach Galina Knopman, PCC


Hear from a recent client: Galina, is the best in her field.  Galina has a unique approach to coaching which seeks to enhance and integrate her client’s strengths and passions to align them with personal and professional goals.  Through our work together, Galina has helped me realize and resolve internal conflicts to overcome obstacles inhibiting my growth, and set me on a path of success, joy, and fulfilment and in all areas of my life.”

Vanessa Dellis

January 20, 2019 – Comskil, Inc. and Best of Life announce the New VPS (Visualize Personal Success) On-Line Course. Our VPS Online Course will help you get out of your rut and open the path to success. This course will help you stay motivated and achieve your life's dreams.


Comskil’s Galina Knopman’s photo art is currently exhibiting at the Chevy Chase Design Center and Art Provost galleries. Galina lives life as an artist, musician, author, leadership and success coach, and as a business woman. In each of these realms, she is focused on capturing, sharing and creating possibility and belief in the fantastic.
Galina's Art Gallery
More photos available for purchase!

This book allows anyone the ability to choose a different path in life by listening to their inner self talk.  By opening yourself up to the 'inside person' - the one who is constantly encouraging you to grow and step away from fear - you can focus on what you want for yourself out of life.


The Workbook
Every Time I Diet, I Gain 5 Pounds
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